Selling A Business Articles

M&A Industry Experience

If you are considering selling a company you probably want a Business Broker that has M&A experience in your industry.  There are a number of advantages that an advisory firm with industry experience can provide including: Relationships with buyers within the industry or related industries The ability to emphasize the strengths of your business as…

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Transitioning from Business Ownership to Retirement

If you are in your 60s or 70s and own a business you may be thinking about retirement at some point. But for many business owners, this can be a scary thought. What do you do with all of your time? Will you miss running the business and seeing the employees every day? Fortunately, there…

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Should I sell my business on Shark Tank?

Many business owners watch Shark Tank and wonder how this might apply to their business when they are ready to sell. Shark Tank can be a great place to get exposure for your business while also getting an investment. It is a popular show and has helped a number of business owners to grow their…

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Fairness Opinions

Since one often hears the term “fair value” or “fair market value,” it would be easy to assume that “fairness opinion” means the same thing. A fairness opinion may be based to some degree on fair market value, but there the similarities end. Assume that you are president of a family business and the other…

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How to Sell My Business Online

When you started your business, there’s a possibility the internet didn’t exist or that it was of very limited usefulness. That’s all changed now, and more and more people are saying, “I want to sell my business online.” If you started your business 20 years ago or more, you may not be as internet-savvy as…

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Three Easy & Effective Ways to Negotiate

Far too many prospective business buyers and sellers overlook just how important negotiations can be. But they can also be tricky. In general, there are three approaches to negotiations. Thinking through your negotiation strategies well before the time to buy or sell is a savvy and prudent move. Negotiation Tactic #1 Take It or Just…

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Similar Companies Can Have Huge Value Differences

Upward view of two large orange glass skyscrapers.

Can two companies in the same industry have very different valuations? In short, the answer is a resounding, yes. Let’s take an example of two companies that both have an EBITDA of $6 million but with two very different values. In fact, Business One is valued at five times EBITDA, which prices it at $30…

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Selling a Family Owned Business

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When it comes to selling a family-owned business there are no shortage of complicating factors, but one in particular pops up quite often. This article contains a true story about a popular family business that was built up from the ground up only to later meet a very sad ending. While this is just one…

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Summary Articles on Selling your Business

A recent article from Divestopedia entitled “To Sell Your Business, Start with the End in Mind” explains the importance of planning your exit strategy in the early stages of your business. The article points out that emotion plays a big part in humans’ decision making process, and when a potential buyer perceives that the owner…

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