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Mental Healthcare Businesses for sale

Are you interested in buying a mental and behavioral health facility? If so Synergy Business Brokers has experience with the sale of these businesses. Perhaps you are interested in buying a business that specializes in certain areas such as Psychotherapy, Addiction Treatment, Neurology, Neuropsychology, Homecare, or Autism.  If one of our mental healthcare businesses is of interest, please fill out our electronic Non-Disclosure Agreement on the listing that you are interested in, and an M&A Broker will follow up with you.

Mental and Behavioral Health Businesses for sale

Many people want to buy mental and behavioral health care businesses. The prospective buyers can range from individuals to large health care companies and private equity firms. Investors like the demographics of mental healthcare businesses with an ever-increasing awareness of the severity of mental illness.  Many people who struggle with mental health concerns want to start the process of getting better. These facilities give them the opportunity to do exactly that. In addition other businesses provide homecare as well and having accreditation from ACHC or CHAP is important to some clients and can help to grow the business.

Behavioral Health Care

Mental healthcare companies for sale are desirable for many different types of investors. Buyers typically want profitable companies with stable or growing earnings. With the rise in depression, anxiety and other behavioral health problems, a large demographic of people need assistance with their day-to-day lives. Synergy has a variety of mental health-focused companies ranging from cardiology practices to sleep centers. Please view our Healthcare businesses below.

Health Care Companies For Sale

Mental Health Care Company For Sale

Health Care

Harris County, Texas


Annual Revenue: $2,288,000

Net Cash Flow: $650,496

A well-established company with multiple locations. The company provides critical mental care to outlying regions of two major metro areas. It seeks to offer customers who might not have the opportunity to receive necessary mental health care owing to a...

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Annual Revenue: $879,230

Net Cash Flow: $654,000

Well-established medical practice specializing in drug/opioid recovery (80% of revenue). – The other 20% of revenue is from their pediatric services (the practice’s former focus). For their drug rehab patients, they provide an evidenced-based treatment with Suboxone along with medical...

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Pulmonary and Internal Medicine Practice for sale

Health Care

New York City, New York


Annual Revenue: $934,382

Net Cash Flow: $508,491

This well-established practice was established more than 30 years ago. The owner has built and maintained a reliable and growing patient base despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. There are currently approximately 6,000 active patients on the +10,000-chart list....

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Mental Healthcare practice for sale western Pennsylvania

Leading Mental Healthcare Practice

Health Care

Western, Pennsylvania


Annual Revenue: $2,070,430

Net Cash Flow: $536,065

Their services are very in demand. This rapidly expanding behavioral practice provides a multitude of behavioral services in the state of PA. They provide mental health wellness services through medication management and a variety of therapies. They diagnose and treat...

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Behavioral Health practice for sale in Maryland

Growing Mental Health Services Practice for Sale

Health Care

Prince Georges County, Maryland


Annual Revenue: $1,800,000

Net Cash Flow: $500,000

Based on their current revenue for 2022, they are on pace for projected revenue of around $1.8Million and a net cash flow of over $500,000. This would be an increase of over 50% compared to 2021 numbers. Having started nearly...

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Brain wave graphic


Annual Revenue: $1,150,000

Net Cash Flow: $501,000

Well-established private drug/opioid rehab practice which provides evidenced-based treatment, combining psychiatry with Suboxone medical support, to stabilize prescription drug/opiate addiction and facilitate recovery. This turnkey practice has an excellent reputation as one of the Midwest’s most qualified practitioners of opioid-related...

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buy mental health clinic


Annual Revenue: $617,027

Net Cash Flow: $329,119

The Company is a Miami-based therapy and mental health services center founded in late 2020, that provides highly personalized service, resulting in more effective treatment while ensuring continuity of service.  The clinic treated 75 clients in its first full year...

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Annual Revenue: $530,000

Net Cash Flow: $302,683

This practice provides psychological testing and therapy for a broad range of ages – young children through senior adults. The office has a reputation for providing psychological evaluations that are thorough and unique, addressing all aspects of development. This Practice...

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How to sell your behavioral health facility

Behavioral and Mental Health Treatment Facility – Sold

Health Care

Fairfield County, Connecticut


Annual Revenue: $4,550,000

Net Cash Flow: $1,121,160

The company has been sold. Please view our other mental healthcare businesses for sale and contact us if you would like to sell your mental or behavioral healthcare business. Accredited by CARF and licensed by the CT Department of Health...

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mental & Behavioral health business for sale in maryland

Mental Health Facility – Sold

Health Care

Bergen County, New Jersey


Annual Revenue: $2,329,000

Net Cash Flow: $711,000

This business has been sold. Please view our Healthcare Businesses for sale. The company facilitates a positive impact in the lives of the people they serve by providing in-community psychotherapeutic services. Providing Intensive In-Community Counseling, Nurturing Parenting Facilitators, Behavioral Assistants,...

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Our Focus

Synergy Business Brokers sells healthcare companies with an owner's net income of $250,000 to $7 Million. After a potential buyer signs a non-disclosure agreement and provides information about their qualifications, a Broker will follow up about the business.

Selling a Mental Healthcare Company

If you want to sell a mental or behavioral healthcare business, please fill out our Confidential Information Form for a no-obligation consultation. We have many potential buyers for Mental and Behavioral Health companies, and we invest a lot of time and marketing dollars to match up the right buyer and seller of a business.

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