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Maryland Businesses For Sale Listings

Business For Sale In Maryland

Below you will find our businesses for sale in Maryland. Be sure to view our full list of businesses for sale. Some of our businesses for sale can be moved to Maryland or operated remotely so don't miss out on these qualified businesses for sale.

Cosmetic Surgery Medical Practice for sale in Montgomery county, Maryland

Cosmetic Surgery Practice – Established Over 30 years

Health Care

Montgomery County, Maryland


Annual Revenue: $9,825,000

Net Cash Flow: $5,125,000

For over 30 years they have been providing a multitude of cosmetic surgery services from female/male face and body surgeries to non invasive medical spa options along with beauty product sales. Fully staffed with employees willing to remain post-sale for...

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landscaping business for sale.


Annual Revenue: $870,000

Net Cash Flow: $400,000

For more than three decades, the company has offered a wide range of residential and commercial landscaping services. Fully staffed with key staff willing to remain post-sale for a new owner. The owner has enjoyed operating the business partially for...

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mental & Behavioral health business for sale in maryland

Behavioral Health Practice and Real Estate for sale

Health Care

Howard County, Maryland


Annual Revenue: $1,000,000

Net Cash Flow: $400,000

For almost 40 years, they have been providing a multitude of behavioral health services through medication management, psychotherapy, non-medication neurological solutions, and training workshops. Currently offering services in office and telehealth. Fully staffed with key staff willing to remain post-sale...

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assisted living facility for sale in prince Georges county maryland

Assisted Living Home with Real Estate Included

Health Care

Prince Georges County, Maryland


Annual Revenue: $300,000

Net Cash Flow: $175,000

For more than a decade providing senior care or nursing. Well-established 8 bed long-term assisted living facility with completely skilled staff. Turnkey with Real Estate Included. The owner has operated with 5 beds to date. Building SF:3,200 Competition: Assisted Living...

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Buy a steel manufacturing and fabrication company.

Steel Fabrication and Manufacturing Facility – Sold


Washington DC area, Maryland


Annual Revenue: $12,992,989

Net Cash Flow: $2,136,973

The company has been sold, view our other manufacturing businesses for sale.  This is a well-established Steel Fabrication and Manufacturing business, delivering high-quality fabricated steel products to commercial and industrial customers for over 32 years is available for acquisition. AISC...

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temp staffing company for sale

Staffing Company – Sold




Annual Revenue: $9,170,000

Net Cash Flow: $562,000

The company has been sold, view our other businesses for sale. This staffing company has been a leading company in its industry providing workforce solutions to some of the country’s best-known corporations for over 15 years. It operates on the...

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Promotional Products Company for sale Indiana


Annual Revenue: $1,127,000

Net Cash Flow: $360,000

This business has been sold. Please contact us if you would like to sell a promotional products business in Maryland or any other location and view our other businesses for sale. This is an ideal business for a number of...

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Start The Process To Buy A MD Business

Complete our buyer registration form below to get ready to buy a Maryland business for sale. Also, fill out our contact form to get updates on Maryland businesses for sale.

Buy A Business In Maryland

Looking to purchase an existing Maryland business? We have a wide variety of businesses for sale in Maryland.

Synergy Business Brokers has an award-winning team of mergers and acquisition brokers who are experienced selling businesses for sale throughout the United States.  We have handled the sale of companies in a variety of industries. A few of these MD industries include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Technology
  • Distribution
  • Services
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Transportation

How to buy a business in Maryland?

You may be looking to purchase a Maryland business for a variety of reasons. Whether you are looking for a new venture, or hoping to expand your existing business through a merger and acquisition, location is always important. At Synergy Business Brokers we have a variety of Maryland businesses for sale.

Why Buy A Maryland Business From Synergy Business Brokers

Synergy Business Brokers sells qualified businesses to qualified buyers. When we list a business for sale we work with the seller to determine the value of the business and make sure it will succeed after it transfers ownership.

Our Goal In Selling You A MD Business

Our goal is to work with business owners and buyers in a way that all parties are pleased with the sale and purchase of a Maryland business. Synergy Business Brokers seeks to help business owners and buyers to have a successful transaction. Be sure to check back and see all of our Maryland businesses for sale.

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