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Is 2022 a good year to sell a business?

is 2022 a good time to sell my business

Based on our fast start in 2022 and our record year in 2021, this year is definitely shaping up to be an excellent year to sell a business. In less than two weeks of 2022, we have already closed three deals, and our revenue was up over 50% in 2021 compared to 2020. And boding…

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List of the Best Business Brokers in the United States

Best United States Business Brokers.

There are a number of lists of the best business brokers in the United States. We’ll provide information on the different lists of business brokers and some of the criteria they use to put business brokers on their list. We’ll also discuss which business brokers’ names show up consistently on the lists of top business…

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Questions that Buyers Ask when purchasing a Business

After marketing your business for sale, you now have interested buyers. Those buyers will have questions before they purchase your business. And, before you speak with the buyer you want to be prepared for the questions that they might ask you. If you are an interested buyer, below is a great resource on questions to…

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Checklist for selling a business

checklist for selling a business

The decision to sell your business is usually one of the most important decisions you will ever make. So it helps to prepare properly for this with the right checklist to sell your business. With over 18 years of experience in selling companies, we’ll provide a checklist of 10 items to consider when selling your…

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How much is my Business Worth?

how much is my business worth?

If you wonder, “How much is my business worth?” or “What is the actual value of my business?” We will help provide some guidelines for how companies are valued. We also provide a business valuation to the companies we help sell. Our years of experience selling businesses for their optimal value have allowed us to…

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M&A Mid-Market Deal Activity is booming in 2021

Best Middle market M&A firm with the most transactions

Has M&A deal activity increased in 2021? In our experience, the answer is a resounding yes. In the last few weeks alone, we have closed 9 M&A Deals which is a record for a 4 week period. And in less than 9 months of 2021, we have already exceeded our revenue for all of 2020,…

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Who is the Best Middle Market Business Broker?

best middle market business broker for selling my company

Are you considering selling a middle-market company? If so, you are probably looking for the best business broker to handle the sale of your middle-market company. Before discussing who the best lower middle-market business brokers are, we need to know what the lower middle market is?  In most cases, the middle market is defined by…

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Should I Sell My Company Myself or Hire A Business Broker?

Should I sell my business myself or hire a business broker?

If you own a company and are thinking about retiring, then you may be wondering: Should I sell my company myself or hire a business broker? You may be deciding whether to pass your business down to one or more of your family members. Some considerations are, do they have the capabilities and interest to…

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Buy or Sell a Company with Recurring Revenue

selling a company with monthly recurring revenue

If you are thinking of buying or selling a company, you may have heard the term: recurring revenue. But what exactly is recurring revenue? Recurring Revenue is the part of a company’s revenue that is expected to continue in the future. It is not necessarily guaranteed to continue in the future, but it’s much more…

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What are the Fees for Selling a Business?

what is a business broker fee?

You have worked long and hard to build up your business, and now you are thinking of retiring. The question is, how should you go about selling your business, and what types of fees can you expect to pay? Some Mergers & Acquisitions firms and Business Brokers charge an upfront fee and/or a retainer fee,…

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How to handle your emotions when selling your business

How to handle your emotions when selling your business

Emotions come into play in most things in life. However, selling your business is likely to generate more emotions than most other experiences. This is because you usually have spent a lot of time working in your company and have a lot invested financially and psychologically.  The sale of your company may represent the largest…

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8 Steps to Transition a Business to Another Owner

transition after acquiring a business

Every year, over 500,000 businesses change hands. This figure is only expected to increase in the coming years as baby boomers retire and sell their companies. Purchasing an existing business is an enticing business tactic since it allows you to become an entrepreneur without starting from scratch. You get to avoid all the pain points associated…

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Selling your Company: Asset Sale or Stock Sale?

Selling your Company Asset Sale or Stock Sale

If you are contemplating selling your company, you may have heard the terms asset sale or stock sale. We’ll discuss the nature of each type of sale and describe when a deal might lead to a stock sale versus an asset sale. First, we’ll discuss an asset sale because that is the most common form…

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Who is the best buyer for my Company?

best buyer for my company

There are a lot of factors that determine who is the best buyer for your company. Part of it depends on your goals. Some business owners think they know exactly who the right buyer is. However, we find that it is important to keep an open mind. The buyer that you think is perfect may…

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How long does it take to sell a company?

how long does it take to sell a company

        Below you will find the updated text format of the information in the infographic above. Be sure to read the content below as we will update it to fit more recent information. How Long Does It Take To Sell A Business Many business owners want to know how long it will…

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8 Things to consider before you decide to sell your business

Things to Consider before deciding to sell my company

There are many things to consider before you decide to sell your business. Some of them are financial, some are emotional, and some involve the business sales process. Having worked with sellers for almost 20 years, we have a lot of insights into this area and can give you some factors to consider before you…

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What’s the Difference between Business Brokers & M&A firms?

difference between business brokers m&A firms

If you are considering selling your business, you may be wondering what the difference is between Business Brokers and M&A firms. They both handle the sale of businesses. To make matters more confusing, some advisory firms that handle the sale of businesses are a combination of an M&A firm and a Business Broker.  We’ll compare…

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What is included in the Sale of a Business – Q & A

What is included in the Sale of a Business - Q & A

There are many different things that can be included in the sale of a business. We’ll discuss what is typically included in the sale price so that you will know what to expect and be prepared to negotiate effectively. When buying or selling a business, many things are negotiable. When a seller is comparing two…

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2021 is a good year to sell a profitable business

sell my business in 2021

If you are contemplating selling your business in 2021, you are probably wondering whether now is a good time. We are just coming out of a pandemic and recession, and many businesses are having trouble. However, some companies are thriving and there is demand for these companies. Synergy Business Brokers has been selling profitable companies…

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