Career Opportunities

Business Broker/M&A Advisor Position

Demand for our services continues to grow as a result of referrals, marketing, and our reputation in the industry. We are interested in adding successful people that have experience in buying a business, selling a business, or experience as a Business Broker or in Mergers & Acquisitions or private equity. We look for people that will enjoy developing great relationships with buyers and sellers while managing the process of selling a business.

Business Broker positionMarketing Program

To give our new Business Brokers the best chance for success, we provide training, marketing, and support.  Our commission plan rewards the best brokers and allows them to keep more of the commission as they sell more. The compensation plan starts at 50% and increases based on the amount that you sell in a given year with our top Brokers keeping 80% on some of their deals.  As a result, our Brokers include top M&A advisors from well-known national investment banks that have joined us to make a significant income.  Our marketing system and lead generation program allows them to spend their time closing large deals.

Industry Focus

We focus on selling profitable businesses with annual revenue of $600,000 to $40Million in manufacturing, technology, distribution, construction, healthcare, services, contractors, engineering, and Education. Our clients like that we have experience and potential buyers in these industries. We provide them with a comprehensive marketing program in addition to a database of 24,000 potential buyers that we have built up over 16 years.

Shared Principles

Because we invest considerable time and marketing dollars in each new hire, we are selective in adding people that we feel will be successful and share our core values & principles. Let us know if you are interested in becoming a Business Broker/M&A Advisor based in NJ, PA, MD, NY, TX, CT, MA, OH, NH, LAVA, DC, and some other states throughout the US. We combine the best practices of M&A firms and Business Brokers.


This isn't a typical job or employment opportunity.  Self-motivated and entrepreneurial people are the ones that succeed. The position is commission only and it typically takes 6-12 months to start generating income but for successful Brokers, the payoff is worth the wait. To be considered as a candidate to join our team as a Business Broker/M&A advisor, please forward your resume or LinkedIn profile and any other information about your relevant experience and why this position might be of interest to Blake Taylor at