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New York Businesses for sale

Broker Business for sale in New York

Synergy Business Brokers has an award-winning team of mergers and acquisition brokers who are experienced in selling businesses for sale throughout New York State.  We have companies for sale in NY that with annual revenues ranging from $700,000 to $50 Million. We specialize in selling businesses for sale confidentially in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Technology
  • Distribution
  • Services
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Transportation

Buying a Business for sale in New York

If you are interested in buying a business in New York, please view our New York Businesses for sale. You can sort the companies by industry, size, etc. When you find a business that is of interest, please fill out our online Non Disclosure Agreement and provide us with some information on your background and what you are looking for. There is no fee for buying a business in New York. The seller pays a fee when the company is sold.

To view our New York Businesses for sale by industry please click on the industry of interest below:

Synergy Business Brokers has been selling businesses for sale in New York since 2002, so you can be confident that we have the experience that potential buyers and sellers need when negotiating the details that come up in any transaction. Since we work on a commission-only basis, we are skilled at working out terms that work for both buyer and seller. We're also selective in who we work with. We want buyer and sellers that are serious about making a transaction happen. We will guide you through every process so you will not have to go through a daunting experience.

M&A Firm in NY for buying or selling a company

Mergers and Acquisitions in New York are happening all of the time. Some business owners may think that it is more cost-efficient to handle the sale of their company on their own. However, that is not usually true.  Synergy Business Brokers can keep deals on track when they might get derailed. We can't make every transaction happen, but we can increase the likelihood.

We are skilled at determining which mergers and acquisitions are likely to get completed. Usually, it's about the motivation and fit between buyer and seller. So you want a buyer that can leverage what a seller has to offer in terms of their products or services and employees and customers. It's also important to have the right chemistry and culture between buyer and seller to make a deal work out well for both parties. Typically, the seller will stay on after the sale to help with a transition, so the buyer and seller must work together well.

New York Mergers & Acquisition Market

New York State has one of the largest economies in the country and, for that matter, the world with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of over $1.5 Trillion. New York has a population and geography that is highly diverse. It has a powerful economy contributed by various industries such as finances, technology, entertainment, and tourism.

We handle business sales throughout NY including areas such as New York City, Hempstead, Buffalo, Yonkers, Rochester, Long Island,  Upstate, Syracuse, New Rochelle.

Buying or Selling a Company with Synergy Business Brokers

Transacting in a buy and sell procedure is not as simple as it sounds. The extensive steps require professional negotiation skills to work out terms that are agreeable for both parties.

Synergy Business Brokers focuses on selling businesses that have ready potential, so we expect to receive offers on almost all of the companies that we sell. Our buyers come not only from U.S. markets but from overseas industries as well to expand on prospects. With 17 years on our established track record, you can rest assured that the sale of a New York business is in good hands.


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