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M&A Business Brokers for Michigan

Michigan Business brokersSell a Business in Michigan

If you are thinking about whether to sell your business in Michigan? If so, you may want to consider Synergy Business Brokers.  We sell companies in technology, distribution, healthcare, services, manufacturing, construction, contractors, engineering, transportation, and Education.

If you own a company in one of these industries with a net income of $200,000 to $8 Million, we offer a confidential consultation.  We don't charge a fee unless we sell your business, so we'll let you know if we don't think we can meet your goals. To start the conversation, please fill out our form below. We look forward to speaking with you.

Buyers for Michigan Companies

Our database of potential buyers is filled with people looking to purchase companies in the industries we focus on throughout MI. This includes Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Troy, Farmington Hills, Lansing, Flint, Dearborn, Warren, Sterling Heights, and Anne Arbor. Detroit and Michigan are on the rise, and many potential buyers want to be part of this.  Our prospective buyers, including companies in the industries that we focus on, that want to expand into Michigan and private equity groups and wealthy investors. We were established in 2002 and amassed a database of 30,000 potential buyers that we are in constant contact with regarding our new opportunities.

Motivation to Sell a Michigan Company

Most of our sellers have built up a profitable business over many years and are now ready to retire. We guide them through the process and maintain their confidentiality. We'll screen and pre-qualify potential buyers so that we only introduce the best ones to you. We don't advertise the name of your company. Buyers will sign an NDA before we release the details. This allows you to maintain your focus on running the business and keeping it profitable during the sales process.

Sales Process for MI Businesses

It typically takes 6 - 10 months to sell a company. However, it takes a couple of months in some cases, and sometimes it takes a year or more. That's why it is important to price it correctly from the start. It's OK to leave some room for negotiation, but you don't want to price yourself out of the market.

Reviewing Financial Information

To give you an idea of a potential selling price, we'll review your last three years' tax returns and a current year-to-date profit and loss statement. It's essential that the buyer can clearly see your income, so we'll want to identify any perks and benefits that you get from the business to be added to the owner's cash flow.

Marketing Campaign

Our marketing campaign includes internet ads, social media, email marketing, our network of contacts, and more.  Our job is to identify the best candidates to purchase your company. This is typically a company that can leverage what you have to take it to the next level. It is important to keep an open mind, though, because you're never sure who will make the best offer. We'll negotiate the terms with you and form a collaborative relationship to maximize your company's value.

Contact us to sell your MI Company

We look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial relationship. Please fill out our online form, call 888-750-5950, or email [email protected]. We'll follow up with you and get things rolling.

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